Commit d37e1ba8 authored by DJ Mountney's avatar DJ Mountney
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Merge branch '2736-cng-ci-ubi-release-for-certification-job-is-not-pulling-ubi-images' into 'master'

Adding -ubi8 to version to find UBI images

Closes gitlab-org/charts/gitlab#2736

See merge request gitlab-org/build/CNG!678
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......@@ -61,10 +61,10 @@ if ARGV.length < 1
exit 1
# Add `-ubi8` to the commit ref if triggered with UBI_PIPELINE=true
version = ARGV[0]
if ENV['UBI_PIPELINE'] == 'true'
# we add `-ubi8` because this is probably from pipeline with UBI_PIPELINE set
# Remove CE/EE suffix and add `-ubi8` to the commit ref if not already present.
version = ARGV[0].sub(/-(ce|ee)$/, '')
if not version.ends_with? '-ubi8'
# we add `-ubi8` to find the UBI images.
version += '-ubi8'
......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ $IMAGE_VERSION_VAR.keys.each do |name|
# it is assumed that the "version" (commit ref) from CLI param
# is correct.
if (ENV['CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME'] == 'master' || is_regular_tag)
version = ENV[$IMAGE_VERSION_VAR[name]]
version = ENV[$IMAGE_VERSION_VAR[name]].sub(/-(ce|ee)$/, '') + '-ubi8'
if secrets.has_key? name
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